About the Chef / Owner Dennis J Wegner

I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and started cooking in high school at Marcís Big Boy. During my senior year, my counselor asked what I was going to do with my life, and my answer was I have no idea. Since I enjoyed cooking I decided to enroll in Culinary School at Milwaukee Area Technical College. At that time they were known as one of the best two year schools in the country. At MATC I studied under French Chef Robert Anglevin and German Chef Rudiger Grimm.  To further excel my studies I decided to apprentice under Master Italian Chef John Marangelli for over two years.

In fall of 1974, a new fresh seafood restaurant was opening up called The Anchorage. With my seafood background I was hired as Day Chef at the age of twenty. Bob Wolf was Executive Chef and my good friend Robert Siegel was Night Chef. After six months I was promoted to Interim Executive Chef.

After thirteen months at The Anchorage I was contacted by Chef Knut Apitz to help open up The Grenadierís in downtown Milwaukee. My duties were to make soups and sauces as well as working sautť.

After a year at The Grenadierís, in the fall of 1976, I was hired as Sous Chef at Maderís German Restaurant.  As Sous Chef I did most of the heavy food preparation.  Soon I was promoted to Night Chef to run the very hectic dinner business, serving over 700 people on some Saturday nights. My last 5 years I was the Executive Head Chef. In total I spent almost 22 years working at Maderís during which time I also did catering work with Larry's Brown Deer Market and Shelly's Catering.

In the fall of 1997 I decided to go on my own and started Wegnerís Saint Martins Inn with my wife Kathie. Last year in 2010, I celebrated 40 years of cooking in the Restaurant Industry.

Thank you all for being great customers throughout the years!

Chef Dennis

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